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  • Carambola (Khế) 1pc(Waysia方圆食里)
Carambola (Khế) 1pc(Waysia方圆食里)

Carambola (Khế) 1pc


The carambola has a special appearance, thin and smooth skin, sweet, sour and juicy flesh. Yellow-green or bright yellow carambola are fully ripe and are in the best edible condition. Yellow-green star fruit can ripen naturally after standing for two days in a cool, airy place; if you want to speed up its ripening, you can put the immature carambola together with ripe apples, pears and other fruits. You can eat it directly, however, in the region of Hainan, it is usually eaten with salt and chili powder; in the region of Sanya, people cook carambola with fish.


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