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  • Bong Mai spicy fermented tofu 250gby waysia
Bong Mai spicy fermented tofu 250gby waysia

Bong Mai spicy fermented tofu 250g

Bong Mai bean curd preserved is famous for the fatness, richness of the purely fermented tofu, blended with the tangy smell of pureed fresh chilli and scrumptious wines. Soy sauce: made from chillies, garlic, pure tomatoes, through many special processes and advanced technology. Bong Mai Chilli sauce is guaranteed to be healthy as stipulated in the Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety of the Ministry of Health. Chilli sauce of Bong Mai is well-known because of its original smell and surprisingly spicy flavor. Taste: Rich, medium spicy Ingredients: Soybean 60%, fresh chili, salt, water, alcohol, flavor enhancer Storage: Cool place, avoid direct sunlight, cover tightly after use Brand: Bong Mai (Vietnam) Place of production: Vietnam