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  • VĨNH THUẬN flour for shrimp ravioli (Ha cao) 400gby waysia
VĨNH THUẬN flour for shrimp ravioli (Ha cao) 400gby waysia

VĨNH THUẬN flour for shrimp ravioli (Ha cao) 400g

The flour is produced from 100% natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected to bring the best quality to the cake, making the finished cake soft, pliable and delicious. Safe and convenient for all families, it allows them to make delicious and attractive dumplings with their own hands without spending much time and effort. In particular, the product also does not contain preservatives, packed in refillable packaging, the product is qualified for export to Europe. ★ How to make dumplings. * Cake filling: lean meat, shrimp, red onion, chopped or ground garlic, add monosodium glutamate, salt and sugar mix well. * Cake crust: Mix 1 package of 400g of flour with 500 ml of nuosc and stir well (leave 3 tablespoons of dry powder to make a layer), keep stirring on low heat until the mixture is heavy, then bring it back. (Stir until the dough is partially cooked). - Add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, roll and knead until dough is smooth, break up each small ball on tray (remember to spread dry powder on tray first), cover with damp cloth to prevent dough from drying. - Spread dry flour on a cutting board, take out each ball of dough, spread it out, add the filling, fold the cake in half, roll the edge of the cake up. Coat the pan with oil and let the cake steam in boiling water for about 5-7 minutes, when the cakes are all cooked. Brand: Vinh Thuan Country of origin: Vietnam