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  • Chinsu Soy Sauce Chili/Garlic (nuoctuong) 250mlby waysia
Chinsu Soy Sauce Chili/Garlic (nuoctuong) 250mlby waysia

Chinsu Soy Sauce Chili/Garlic (nuoctuong) 250ml

A soy sauce subtly spiced up with garlic and chili. The product does not contain 3-MCPD, which is safe for your health. Ingredients: Water, salt, soy flour (64.3 g / l), chili (58 g / l), garlic (30 g / l), flavor enhancer (621, 627, 631), food coloring (150a) , Synthetic soy flavor, acidity regulator (330), preservative (211), thickener (415), synthetic sweetener (951, 950), natural chili extract (200 mg / l), potassium iodate (18 mg / the) Nutrition declaration: 21.92 kcal / 100 ml Instructions for use: Used as sauces for dishes Users: Adults and children over 3 years old Note: Amount used depends on usage needs, recommended 15ml / day Allergy Information: The product contains ingredients derived from soy. Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Cover tightly after use. Brand: Chinsu (Vietnam) Made in Vietnam