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Business Cooperation

Customized Service for Enterprises and Groups

One Site(Waysia方圆食里)

*Please take physical object as the standard for card style.

One Site Message(Waysia方圆食里)

One-site Value Card

Personalization ∙ Extremely Convenient

  • All platforms available on Waysia
  • Preferential superposition
  • Personalized E-card amount
  • Personalized physical card type
  • Quick making of card
Personalized Service >Worriless Whole-process
Group Buying(Waysia方圆食里)
Group Buying Message(Waysia方圆食里)

Group Buying

Various Options ∙ Favorable Price

  • 1500+ Asian products for selection
  • Group buying for more exclusive discount
  • Several places for delivery, timely logistics checking
  • Personalized gift-level packing with wishes
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Cooperation Message(Waysia方圆食里)

Business Cooperation

Professional team ∙ Win-win Achievement

Offline Cooperation
  • Exhibition
  • Jointly creation
Supply/Sales Business
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Mail Box(Waysia方圆食里)

Sincerely looking forward to more cooperation ways with you