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  • Golden sweet pineapple 1pc(Waysia方圆食里)
Golden sweet pineapple 1pc(Waysia方圆食里)

Golden sweet pineapple 1pc


Vitamin C contained in 100 grams of pineapple reaches 30 mg. It has the function of relieving summer heat, promoting the production of body fluid, quenching thirst, promoting digestion, dissipating dampness and promoting diuresis. Appropriate consumption is beneficial for patients suffering from nephritis and hypertension. Its pulp, like papaya, contains an enzyme that breaks down protein, it can also dissolve fibrin and thrombus in blood vessels, improve blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and edema. In addition, bromelain has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can promote tissue recovery, and is rich in vitamin B1, which can eliminate fatigue, increase appetite and promote postnatal recovery.


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